AxRuntime (AxRT) is a product for application developers who enjoy creating their applications using Amiga APIs.

The runtime allows developers to continue developing Amiga applications in unmodified way while at the same time being able to utilize modern development tools available on Linux like IDEs, debuggers, profilers, etc. (More...)

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Source Code: GitHub See the INSTALL.MD for more information on building.

Release (Stable)

Package Version Desription 20170402-5 AROS pc-i386 ISO
AROS-linux-i386-system.tar.bz2 20170402-5 AROS linux-i386 System
AROS-mingw32-i386-system.tar.bz2 20170402-5 AROS mingw32-i386 System
AROS-any-i386-contrib.tar.bz2 20170402-3 AROS i386 Contrib Archive

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Package Version Desription