AxRuntime (AxRT) is a tool for application developers who enjoy creating their applications using Amiga APIs.

The runtime allows developers to continue developing Amiga applications in unmodified way while at the same time being able to utilize modern development tools available on Linux or Windows like IDEs, debuggers, profilers, etc. (More...)

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AROS ABIv0 20190416-2 - 2022-06-18

AROS ABIv0 20190416-2 changes:

    Further implementation of vusbhci.device and arosx.class (DizzyOfCRN)
    C library softfloat support (Kalamatee)
    e1000.device updated to 8.0.35 and rx queue hags resolved (Kalamatee)
    Added GetUpTime to timer.device (Schulz)
    Improved clock_gettime in C library (Kalamatee)
    Prefs/Palette added (Kalamatee)
    Implement GadgetText for plain Gadgets (o1i)
    Migrate to use GCC 6.5.0 from GCC 6.3.0 (deadwood)
    Migrate to use binutils 2.32 from bintuils 2.23.2 (deadwood)
    Introduction of storage subsystem (Kalamatee)
    SysExplorer extended and made modular (Kalamatee)
    SysExplorer shows extended disk capabilities (Kalamatee)
    DiskInfo, C/Info recognizes more file system (Kalamatee)
    DOS recognizes muFS file systems (Kalamatee)
    Prefs/ScreenMode displays now test screen (Kalamatee)

  64-bit support:
    Kernel (Falemagn)
    Coloradjust.mui, Palette.mui fixes (Kalamatee)
    reqtools.library fixes (Kalamatee) fixes (Kalamatee)
    FryingPan fixes (Kalamatee)

  68k support:
    6888x FPU and 060 FPU versions for match functions (Kalamatee)
    Implemented FASTATA GAYLE extensions (Kalamatee)
    Work on making C library ROMable (Kalamatee)
    felsunxi.class fixes (Kalamatee)
    mouse.hidd fixes (twilen)
    Add BlitRect and DrawLine support to p96gfx.hidd (Kalamatee)
    Compatibility fix to GfxBase->system_bplcon0 (Kalamatee)
    Fixes to cursor support in p96gfx.hidd (Kalamatee)

  ARM support:
    Major work on ARM Big Endian version of AROS kernel (Schulz)
    Work on RasPI graphics drivers for Big Endian mode (Schulz)
    Improvements to RasPI USB support (Schulz)
    Use real ELF executable as format for AROS ARM programs (Schulz)

    Boost preprocessor macros (Falemagn)
    AROS build system (Falemagn, Kalamatee)
    GMP 6.1.2, MPC 1.1.0 (Kalamatee)
    Polish catalogs for Preferences programs (wawa)
    binutils 2.32 (Kalamatee)
    GCC 6.5.0 (Kalamatee)
    MPFR 4.0.2 (Kalamatee)
    acpia.library 20190215 (Kalamatee)
    libpng 1.6.36 / png.library v53 (Kalamatee)
    freetype 2.10.0 / freetype2.library v6.2 (Kalamatee)
    French catalogs updated (otigreat)
    ffmpeg 4.0.2 (Kalamatee)
    lbreakout2 2.6.5 (Kalamatee)
    libxml2 2.9.9 (Kalamatee)
    libxslt 1.1.33 (Kalamatee)

  Functional fixes:
    Documentation (Neil, Kalamatee)
    C library (Kalamatee)
    vesagfx.hidd (bugs: broken support for paletted modes) (Neil)
    Restored lost guillemets in task names (Neil)
    Fix USB keyboard on QEMU sam460ex emulation (balaton)
    PCITool (bugs: truncating output) (Kalamatee)
    exec.library (bugs: broken support for MEMF_REVERSE (Neil)
    String.mui (bugs: broken Ctrl-U support) (Neil)
    ata.device (bugs: random failure to start, crash when failed to start unit) (Kalamatee)
    fat-handler (bugs: Big Endian incompatibility) (Schulz)
    Fix to updating Wanderer windows (Kalamatee)
    ata.device (bugs: wrong handling of NSCMD_DEVICEQUERY) (Schulz)
    atheros5000.device (bugs: wrong reading of ar5416_tx_status) (Schulz)
    fat-handler (bugs: wrong behavior under optimization) (Kalamatee)
    ntfs-handler (bugs: wrong behavior under optimization) (Kalamatee)
    muimaster.library (bugs: datatypes images not properly remapped) (Kalamatee)
    freetype2.library (bugs: high stack usage) (Kalamatee)

  Stability fixes:
    graphics.library (Neil)
    Trident (Kalamatee)
    uuid.library (Kalamatee, Neil)
    Printer preferences (Kalamatee, Neil)
    C:Mount, NList (Kalamatee)
    diskimage.device, rexxsupport.library (Kalamatee)
    Wanderer, SysExplorer, WiMP (Kalamatee)
    Calculator, AROSTCP (Kalamatee)
    openurl.library (Kalamatee)
    String.mui  (Kalamatee, Neil)
    muimaster.library (Kalamatee)
    IPrefs, Slider.mui (Neil)
    Wanderer preferences (Kalamatee)
    dos.library, sdcard.device (Schulz)
    posixc.library, graphics.library (Kalamatee)
    massstorage.class, Calendar.mcc (Kalamaee)
    nouveau.hidd, icon.library (Kalamatee)
    locale.library, nonvolatile.library (Kalamatee)
    Input preference, Locale preferences (Kalamatee)
    FreeType Manager, FKey (Kalamatee)
    More, MultiView (Kalamatee)
    Graph.mcc, Clock.mcc (Kalamatee)

AROS ABIv0 20180423-1 - 2022-05-30

AROS ABIv0 20180423-1 changes:

    Math library functions refreshed based on FreeBSD codes (Kalamatee)
    Added device-specific settings for AD1981HD and AD1884 codecs (Neil)
    vusbhci.device (DizzyOfCRN)
    Migrated to use GCC 6.3.0 from GCC 4.6.4 (deadwood)
    Added ACTION_FH_FROM_LOCK, case ACTION_COPY_DIR_FH to cdrom-handler (deadwood)
    Linux-hosted debugging of C++ code enabled (deadwood)
    Shell scroll back buffer increased to 1000 lines (deadwood)

  64-bit support:
    Misc fixes (Kalamatee)

  68k support:

    AROS build system (Kalamatee)

    C library (sscanf, open, isnan, sprintf) (deadwood)
    Pointer Preferences (crash at startup) (deadwood)
    amigaguide.datatype (hang at startup) (deadwood)
    muimaster.library (bugs: #53, #62, List) (deadwood)
    Locale Preference (leaking image) (deawdood)
    FryingPan (crash at startup and exit) (deadwood)
    TheBar.mcc (deadwood)

AROS ABIv0 20180415-2 - 2021-04-20

AROS ABIv0 20180415-2 changes:

    Several posixc.library functions added (Kalamatee)
    Always separate debuging information from binaries (Kalamatee)
    Improved ScreenMode Preferences (Kalamatee)
    Better compatibility for MUI Window class (Neil)
    Updated catalogs in several Preferences (Neil, polluks)
    Use system default locale if locale argument is NULL (Mazze)
    Introduce asyncio.library (Mazze)
    Enable asyncio.library in DirectoryOpus (Mazze)
    vusbhci.device (DizzyOfCRN)
    Saving added to ilbm.datatype (miker)
    Updates to french translation (hitchhikr)
    Command line interface for FTManager (o1i)

  64-bit support:
    Misc fixes (Schulz, Mazze, Kalamatee)
    Scout 64-bit support (Mazze)
    DirectoryOpus 64-bit support (Mazze)

  68k support:
    Misc fixes (twillen, Kalamatee)
    Compatibility fixes (twillen)
    lowlevel.library (Kalamatee)
    68080 handling (Kalamatee, mness)
    FastATA support (Kalamatee) (Mazze)

    AROS build system (Kalamatee, Neil, Mazze)
    PCRE 8.41 (Mazze)

    Documentation (Neil, Mazze, Kalamatee)
    ahci.device (Schulz)
    C library (Schulz, deadwood)
    nouveau.hidd (Schulz)
    MUI (Neil)
    Corrected behaviour of pthread.library and bsdsocket.library (Kalamatee)
    prism2.device, atheros5000.device, realtek8180.device (Neil)
    rhine.device, intelpro100.device, prm-rtl8029.device (Neil)
    Shell commands (twillen, Mazze, polluks)
    lowlevel.library (Kalamatee)
    Intuition (Kalamatee, Neil)
    locale.library (polluks)
    Catalogs (Kalamatee, Neil)
    Wanderer (Neil, hitchhikr)
    iffparse.library (o1i)
    Structure packing (Mazze)
    picture.datatype (Neil, Kalamatee)
    Misc fixes to demos (Mazze)
    asl.library (Mazze)
    x11.hidd (Neil)
    AHI (hitchhikr)
    Editor (hitchhikr)
    hid.class (balaton)
    emac.device (Neil, balaton)
    MadAHI (wawa)
    Sam440 support (balaton)
    VPDF functionality and 64-bit fixes (wawa, Neil)
    TagLists handling with newer GCCs (Neil)
    FryingPan (wawa)
    DirectoryOpus (Mazze)

AROS ABIv0 20170402-5 - 2021-02-21

AROS ABIv0 20170402-5 changes:

    Align naming of graphic drivers and make them visible in SysExplorer (Kalamatee)
    Query graphics driver for 3D subdriver (Kalamatee)
    C library improvements (Mazze, Kalamatee)
    Kernel ACPI support (Kalamatee)
    SysMon listing tasks better (Kalamatee)
    Kernel IO-APIC support (Kalamatee, Schulz)
    Kernel interrupt support (Kalamatee, Schulz)
    Kernel SMP support (Kalamatee, Schulz)
    Kernel shutdown/reboot support (Kalamatee)
    Kernel spinlock support (Kalamatee, Schulz)
    Public locking mechanism support (Kalamatee, Schulz) 
    Kernel CPU cores control (Kalamatee, Schulz)
    processor.resource improvements (Kalamatee, Schulz)
    SMP-enabled Message Port handling (Kalamatee, Schulz)
    Protect access to Exec resources (Kalamatee)
    Better measurement of CPU usage (Schulz)
    SysMon listing CPU usage better (Kalamatee) 
    Graph.mcc (Kalamatee)
    picture.datatype DTM_Write support (Mazze)
    vusbhci.device (DizzyOfCRN)
    Kernel MSI interrupt support (Kalamatee)
    List.mui improvements (Kalamatee)
    ACPI button driver (Kalamatee)
    PCI driver IRQ routing table (Kalamatee, Schulz, Neil)
    pcx.datatype (Mazze)
    targa.datatype (Mazze) VirtualBox/VMWare support (deadwood, Kalamatee)

  64-bit support:
    misc fixes (Kalamatee, Schulz)
    ahi.device,, 64-bit support (Kalamatee)
    pciusb.device 64-bit support (Kalamatee)
    ata.device 64-bit support (Schulz)

    Flexcat 2.18 (Mazze)
    libz 1.2.11 (Mazze)
    libjpeg 9b (Mazze)
    libpng 1.6.28 (Mazze)
    AROS build system (Kalamatee)
    Icons (Paolone)
    GCC-6.3.0 (patch file) (Kalamatee)
    libmikmod 3.3.10 (Mazze)
    libspeex 1.2.0 (Mazze)
    libflac 1.3.2 (Mazze)
    Text2PDF (Mazze)
    Dt2Thumb 1.1 (Mazze)
    CDXLPlay 1.4 (Mazze)
    PlayCCDA 1.6 (Mazze)

    Corrected datatype descriptors (Neil, Mazze)
    VGA driver (Kalamatee, Neil)
    Documentation (Neil, Kalamatee)
    X11 driver (deadwood)
    MUI (o1i, Kalamatee)
    Shell commands (Neil, Kalamatee, Mazze, Schulz)
    dos.library (Kalamatee)
    C:Decoration (Kalamatee)
    Kernel (Kalamatee)
    Catalogs (polluks, mmartinka, Kalamatee)
    Mesa (Kalamatee, Neil)
    emul-handler (Neil)
    console.device (Schulz)
    Intuition (Schulz, Neil)
    Preferences (Neil, balaton)
    kms.library (Kalamatee)
    pciusb.device (Schulz, deadwood)
    C library (deadwood)
    Kernel ACPI support (Neil)
    Kernel interrupt support (Neil)
    PCI driver (Neil)
    Kernel IO-APIC support (Neil)
    atheros5000.device (Neil)
    Kernel shutdown/reboot support (Neil)
    Windows-hosted booting (deadwood)
    SDL-mixer (Neil)