AxRuntime (AxRT) is a tool for application developers who enjoy creating their applications using Amiga APIs. The runtime allows developers to continue developing Amiga applications in unmodified way while at the same time being able to utilize modern development tools available on Linux or Windows like IDEs, debuggers, profilers, etc.
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Linux desktop combining Mozilla Firefox with installed AxRuntime and applications.

Windows desktop running AxRuntime applications via Windows Subsystem for Linux

Final Writer 7 built using AxRuntime to become native Linux program.

MCAmiga, a native AROS x86_64 program running as a standalone Linux program through AxRuntime.

WookieChat, well know Amiga IRC client. Now a native Linux program also.

MUI version of MPlayer re-compiled and running under Linux Mint.

AmigaDOS-compatible Shell can now be used to manage Linux filesystem.